the eclectic permanence

the following poetic interludes {in seven parts} were woven within my final year architectural design project.  they bore no resemblance whatsoever to any formal requirements, but were more of an inspirational folly to keep my sanity levels from distorting into the red.


an eclectic          {Part
PERMANENCE                      ONE}

in a consumerist world
where there is no desire left unfulfilled
like the insatiable appetite
that is material accumulation
why not give them what they want
let's feed them like not before
with a substantial quenching that satisfies their greed
and makes them swell, not with pride nor glut
but with knowledge
and with that they will never go hungry again


an eclectic          {Part
PERMANENCE                      TWO}

In a world where value is a brand 
how do you sell humility and grace?
why sacrifice convenience
what would fill it's place?

the world is not an oyster

inside there is no pearl
to make our lives thus worthy
new concepts must unfurl

we must practice where we once preached

and sow where we once reaped
we must forgo our ignorance
this hurdle must be leaped

        TWO B}

the craftsman hath no fury
like an artist scorned;
the tradesmen hath no tools
and the all workmen mourned

        TWO C}

what is the sun without shine
what is the moon without glow
what purpose is the empire
if it does not grow.

why cook with gas
why roll the ball
why put the wheel in motion
if there is no call.

        TWO D}

'oh what delight the future will bring'
the puppet master he does sing
and our limbs and torso, how they fling
as he yanks and pulls upon the string

        TWO E}

the paint work is chipped
the concrete lays bare
the steel has rusted
but she does not care

because inside these walls
imagination has no bounds
it's the magic that sings and fills
the room with such sounds

        TWO F}

it was the narcissism 
which dislodged his crown
a thirst for fame
upon which they did frown
a healthy ego he declared
from the throne he stepped down
a jester of the court
the king's now the clown


an eclectic          {Part
PERMANENCE                      THREE}

what you need
is not what you are looking for
and what you want
is not what you'll get

before the demands
of the design 
are declared
some answers must be met

wind the clock back
and see where we've come
history of the site
we shouldn't forget

fast forward a few years
and see where we've gone
with hindsight
our choice we shouldn't regret


an eclectic          {Part
PERMANENCE                      FOUR}

if the words that were sung
reflect the bricks that were laid
and the photos that were taken
showed what we had made

then why are we cursed
to ride the merry go round
when history has taught us
to break new ground

the roads lie empty
where cars they once drove
the footpaths are barren
where paths they once wove

our streets have become
a sight for sore eyes
'but not a thing can be done'
the poor woman crie


an eclectic          {Part
PERMANENCE                      FIVE}

what did the raven say to the toad
when discussing how it was that he flies
he said, 'my dear friend it's all the mind'
and with that the toad took to the skies

the battle of perception is fought out the back
behind lines that you dare ne'er crossed
because if the truth was to ever be told
the rules they'd break, innocence lost

the toad, now he didn't fly that afternoon
although he had wished it the case
instead he packed up his bags and bid adieu
and high-tailed it out of that place

the raven had given him much to consider
on his journey now just begun
for with the nonsensical lark he'd received from a bird
the seams unraveled, had become undone

now his stride was fractionally unsettled
the world took on a distorted view
the perception he upheld as truly his own
was shaken, it had become askew.


an eclectic                    {Part
PERMANENCE                      SIX}

why does every girl go crazy
for a sharp dressed man
why do the girls go wild
for the lead singer in the band

if I capture that sparkle in her eye
or catch the beat that her heart just skipped
then perhaps I can recreate that feeling
when the world has turned you over and flipped

everything upside down
and your soul it's now on fire
what is that we all need
what is it that we all desire?


an eclectic                    {Part
PERMANENCE                   SEVEN}

sometimes you wonder why it was
that the rock lent it's hand to the moss
and said, 'sure mate, pull up a pew,'

'I'll tell you about great riches,' he leaked
and the moss' curiosity was sufficiently piqued
enough to give him a clue

as to where in the world he could find the x
marked on a map, it was a quest
that this young moss could not refuse

for the lure of gold
or so he was told
there was no option but to choose

the path where hazardous fiends did play
deep seas, high mountains would get in his way
but he had the hope that he could deliver

alas he did not make it back alive
in the big bad world moss does not thrive
and a share of the wealth, neither did get a sliver.